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Activities in Ostend

Activities in Ostend

What to do in Ostend? 

Fun ideas can be found on the Stad Oostende website:   

Visits :

Kunstmuseum Mu.Zee 

Ensorm museum & walk 

Sailing ship Mercator   

Street Art walk - The Chrystal ship 

Fort Napoleon 

Some top activities throughout the year!

January - New Year's dive, Ostend Film Festival

February - Ostend Film Festival

March - FAAR, The Chrystal Ship 2023

May - The Chrystal Ship 2023

June - Ostend at Anchor, A l'Ostendaise, Barrio Cantina

July - Ostend Beach Festival, Ostend Koerse

August - Theater aan zee, W-Festival, Ostend Koerse, Paulusfeesten

October - October Fair, Shrimp croquette festival

December - Winter in the Park

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