House rules

Number of persons & travel party

- It is not permitted by law to occupy the property with more than 10 people (excluding 1 baby cot). When making the reservation request, the main tenant is obliged to inform the landlord of the exact number of persons and their ages. If this number is exceeded, the rental agreement will be considered terminated by operation of law and access to the holiday home will be refused without any claim to a refund of the rental fee.

- The house may never be sublet.

- Pets are not allowed.

- The holiday home is intended to accommodate family groups or groups of friends. It is forbidden to use the holiday home to organise parties, student parties, bachelor parties, etc.

- Young people under the age of 24 are not allowed.

- The property is located in a quiet residential area. We urge you to respect the peace and quiet of your neighbours. After 10 pm, any night noise is prohibited (police regulation).

Should the tenant seriously disturb the neighbourhood, he will be denied access to the holiday home. The rental contract would be considered null and void and the rent would not be refunded under any circumstances.

Arrival and departure

- The accommodation is available from 4 pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10 am on the day of departure.

- The tenant shall inform the landlord of the expected arrival and departure times.

- The tenant can enter the property by downloading the Tapkey app on his mobile phone. The tenant must register with his e-mail address. By holding the mobile phone in front of the lock, the door can be opened and closed. The tenant must provide a correct e-mail address.

Holiday home equipment

- All items present in the property remain the property of the landlord.

- Furniture will not be moved.

- Complaints relating to the inventory and existing damage should be reported by telephone or digitally to the landlord so that he has the opportunity to resolve the complaint.

- One is well advised to report spontaneous accidents to the landlord.

- There are electrical appliances in the house. If you cause any damage, please notify us immediately. Any complaints regarding faulty electrical equipment must be notified to us by telephone within 24 hours of arrival. A solution will be found as soon as possible. The tenant cannot claim monetary or other compensation if any of the appliances are defective. The lessee is therefore kindly requested to report any defects to the lessor immediately. We will do everything possible to have the defect repaired as soon as possible.

- The inspection of the holiday home for damage, loss or breakage takes place after the stay.

- If everything has been left in good order and no damage or breakages have been found, the deposit will be refunded by bank transfer no later than 14 days after the stay.

During the stay

- Before occupying the property, the tenant takes note of the position of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors. Stairs, corridors and doors must be kept clear at all times to allow for quick and safe evacuation.

- Smoking is strictly prohibited in the holiday flat. Smoking is allowed on the terrace, in the open air. The tenant is obliged to use the 2 ashtrays provided on the terrace. The ashtrays must be cleaned before the tenant leaves the property. In case of smoking in the house, additional cleaning costs will be charged.

- Lighting candles and making fire in general is absolutely forbidden.

- The fireplace is out of service and cannot be used.

- Use of a deep fat fryer, gourmet, fondue or stone grill sets and the like are not allowed in the house.

- Barbecuing on the terrace is not allowed.

- The house is equipped with central heating. The temperature is always set to the correct temperature. When using the heating, the windows and door to the terrace should be closed to avoid excessive energy consumption.

- Use of electricity, gas, water and wireless internet are included in the rental price. The included energy consumption is based on normal expected consumption during the rental period. Excessive consumption may be charged extra by the landlord.

- For security reasons, the windows in the bedrooms on the ground floor must always be kept closed and locked with the extra security key on the window handle. The room can be ventilated but it is not allowed to leave the room without closing the windows completely.

- When leaving the house, the front door should be double locked. (turn knob to the left until stop).

- At night, turn the front door to deadbolt. (turn knob to the right until stop).

- You can use the garage to store bicycles. You can open and close the garage with the lock on the inside of the gate. The garage should be closed at all times.

- Please use the dining table and coffee table with care. There are coasters available. Stains should be cleaned immediately without using abrasive products that may damage the surfaces.

- Bed and bath linen are provided in the flat. Beds are made on arrival.

- It is not allowed to throw sanitary items into the toilet which may clog the toilet. If items are thrown into the toilet, extra costs may be charged for unblocking.

- The lessor may enter his property at any time to inspect the indoor facilities or for maintenance without the tenant's consent. The landlord is obliged to respect the tenant's privacy.

- In case of problems, the landlord can be reached by phone at +32 477 51 09 11.

Leaving the accommodation

Final cleaning

- Upon departure, the holiday home must be left broom clean. Kitchen utensils must be cleaned and returned in an orderly manner. Crockery, pots and pans should be stored clean and dry. The oven, microwave, fridge and coffee machines must also be left clean by the tenant. The dishwasher must be emptied on departure.

- There is a fixed cost for final cleaning and use of bed and bath linen. This cost cannot be waived.

- The owner reserves the right to deduct additional cleaning hours from the deposit if the property is left in a bad state.

- When leaving the property, all windows must be closed, the front door is closed on double lock. The tenant also checks that the garage door is closed.

Bed linen

- Beds are made on arrival.

Upon departure, the tenant removes the used duvet covers, pillowcases and fitted sheets from the beds and places them downstairs on the ground floor in the hallway. The tenant also puts the used bath and kitchen towels and bath mats downstairs in the hallway on the ground floor.

- Mattress protectors as well as duvets may be left on the beds.


- The rubbish bin in the kitchen is divided into one part residual waste and one part PMD.

- The tenant places all rubbish bags from the rooms, bathrooms, toilets and kitchen in the appropriate black bins provided in the garage. The rubbish should be sorted in the correct bin. Failure to sort rubbish correctly is subject to strict fines in Ostend. If PMD is not sorted correctly, we can deduct €50 from the deposit.

- Paper and cardboard are taken back by the tenant.

- Bottles and glass must be taken away by the tenant on departure. Glass waste can be deposited in the public glass containers.

Enjoy your holiday at Maison Nausikaa!